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A Career Success System Helping Schools Produce Career-Ready Talent with Proven Skills

Employers hire candidates who best prove their skills. But, while many students can show what they’ve completed in school, many can’t identify, articulate, or prove their skills in ways clear to employers. CareerPrepped helps schools empower students to connect what they do in school to why it matters in the real world. We help students make all their skills visible and verifiable to employers with authentic evidence.  

CareerPrepped® Helps You Differentiate
Your Students in a 21st Century Economy

A Typical Graduate Your CareerPrepped® Graduate
Paper resume is primary self-marketing tool Has traditional + digital self-marketing tools
Transcripts prove completion but not skills Authentic evidence proves skills
No portfolio showing skills & achievements Digital portfolio shows skills & achievements
Learning artifacts trapped in school LMS Learning artifacts are portable
"Soft skills" are hidden and undervalued "Soft skills" are valued, visible & verifiable

Help Your Students Build, Prove & Showcase Their Skills

Build Skills


Students use multi-media content, learning activities and virtual tools to help them build employability knowledge & skills.

Prove Skills


Students document their learning and prove their technical & employability skills with authentic evidence.

Showcase Skills


Students showcase their experiences, qualifications & proven skills to tell a compelling career story beyond a resume.

Powerful Career Success Tools in One System

Help Your Students Get CareerPrepped

Skill Builders

40+ self-directed Skill Builders help students build, refresh or strengthen in-demand workforce skills. Make them available to your students as on-demand, self-help resources or embed any into your existing curricula to support hybrid or remote learning.

Skill Badges

Anyone can claim to have a skill, but not everyone can prove it. Skill Badges are an innovative way to help students prove their hidden skills with authentic evidence others can review and endorse.

Career Portfolio

Student’s work samples, projects and achievements are a treasure chest of evidence to show their skills and interests. They can save it all in their Career Portfolio as proof of their capabilities and achievements.

Career Site

Students can’t get noticed if they’re nowhere to be found. Their Career Site gives them a single professional web presence to showcase their qualifications and tell their career story.

Career Toolbox

The Career Toolbox is packed with tools to help students research and explore career information, build tailored resumes on-the-fly and learn techniques to answer common interview questions.

Job Center

From their Job Center, students can search and save jobs, track their progress from application to offer, and save notes on each job.

Career educators create the nation’s CareerPrepped workforce.

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